EMS Services

At TEMSCO we put our money where our mouth is. We don’t charge upfront for our consultations. We educate you on our solutions, help you make the right choices, gather the info we need for analysis, walk the property and deliver a proposal upfront at no cost. This way you understand the solution, business investment and savings supporting your business decision.


TEMSCO also offers a Shared Savings Plan. This is a shared savings performance plan with savings split with the business. We will guarantee a savings percentage and these savings pay for the system, so there is no capital expense. Our offering is a performance based. This keeps your business budget neutral, so there are no out of pocket expenses and savings are immediate. 


TEMSCO provides solutions for both new construction and retrofit projects.


Retrofits - For retrofits we offer a Shared Savings Plan* that provides an avenue to have our system installed with no capital expense and drive savings day one.


New construction - we will work with the architects and engineers to design and develop a plan to drive energy efficiency in your new building to either meet the needs of LEED’s requirements or simply drive efficiencies for overall cost savings for the life of the building.


“Our equipment works with new or existing Lighting and HVAC and TEMSCO can make recommendations to meet the desired outcome. Control is everything in Energy Mgt. Those solutions with the most granular control are often the best. Don’t confuse the best price for the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). We are more than happy to discuss your options, make recommendations and provide choices that will help you make the best decision for your company.”