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About Us:


TEMSCO, Inc. was founded more than 45years ago in the midst of an energy crisis (1972). Today, TEMSCO is a leading provider of energy management solutions for commercial buildings and facilities across the United States.


Our Story:


TEMSCO is proud to be a Texas based company, and has been in business more than 45yrs. So energy management isn’t new to us, it’s our Core business and has been since our inception.


Today we have installed over 3000 Energy Management Solutions (EMS) across the country. We provide solutions for more than 400 QSR’s, and better than 100 automotive dealerships in Texas alone, as well as a variety of other businesses and office buildings looking to drive additional energy savings. Our scope of work covers national accts as well such as Dillard’s Dept. Stores.


Our Business: 


Energy is one of the largest expenses for commercial facilities and costs continue to rise yearly. TEMSCO’s solution is an automated energy control system that reduces energy demand by intelligently controlling facility systems. Our offering is a custom solution that automates and optimizes lighting and HVAC controls to drive down operational costs. Its very simple, can be integrated with security systems, is fully automated, and available 24hrs a day.  


Our business is saving you money. TEMSCO provides real energy management:


Our solutions are custom solutions based on the needs and requirements of each business—one size doesn’t fit all! You’re never squeezed into a solution that is too big or not quite big enough.


Our solutions automate and monitor the functionality of all HVAC and Lighting equipment. (Yes, we can add/monitor/control other equipment such as Freezers as requested!)


Our solutions provide Alerts, Trends, Monitoring, and pertinent energy usage information that keeps you informed, efficient and TEMSCO provides continued support long after the system has paid for itself.


Our solutions give you access to “The System” 24*7 from any device.


Our solution provides adjustability for changing business requirements and special events and is flexible and scalable to meet changing business needs.


Lastly, TEMSCO provides you control!




How can TEMSCO EMS save your bottom line?


TEMSCO has the experience and know-how to build custom energy management systems for any size facility. Whether it’s a 100,000 sq. ft retail department store, or a 5,000 sq. ft. restaurant, our engineers will develop the solution that is right for the needs of your business.

No two businesses or facilities are exactly alike. A restaurant has a much different operation and energy usage pattern than an auto dealership or commercial office building.  TEMSCO’s energy management systems are custom built, flexible and scalable.  Our engineering staff includes Certified Energy Managers (CEM) able to analyze your facility’s unique energy usage characteristics and data, and develop an effective energy management system tailored to your business needs while driving down costs.

Our EMS equipment is all commercial grade with a 15-20year life expectancy not just some off the shelf equipment from the local hardware store or a group on networked thermostats.

Solutions for Low Energy Usage Facilities    Solutions for High Energy Usage Facilities


LED lighting options: Yes, TEMSCO installs LED’s


We often design LED’s into our EMS plans to drive additional savings for our customers. We only install the best LED’s on the Market. Our LED’s offer a 20year life expectancy and a 60mos Parts and Labor warranty. While not always the least expensive, our LED solutions are the most trouble free we could find in the market. Again, thinking "Total Cost of Ownership" instead of up front cost saves you money in the long run.